4 Spiritually awakening places of Wangduephodrang

Wangdue-phodrang to me is a district with many amazing gifts from the almighty sages.  The spectacular views of its green environment are flowered with many ancient architectures blessed by many spiritual leaders.  Just like its name “Wangdue-Phodrang” echoes, it is the place that not only control the heart of people but is also the environmental champion with many amazing natural beauties. Personally, I feel Wangdue-phodrang can do much to the global environmental conservation because it has many spiritual sacred places which win the heart of people. Moreover, the place is environmentally vibrant because the spiritual sacred sites are located in the core green forest and mountain tops where there is less human inhabitation.

  1. Bay Langdra: The Hidden Treasures

In the mid of green forest guarded by the spectacular tress and the rocks, Bay Langdra is known to many people for its sacredness. It is one of the most visited sites by the people of Wangduephodrang and those attached with Buddhism. Bay langdra is known by the name when Guru Rinpochoe the most revered master subdue demon which appear to him as fearless Bull for distraction while mediating. The Bull is then made as the guardian of the place to protect and help flourish Buddhism. Environmentally, Baylangdra to me is a blissful place with serene natural beauties all over. Just like Guru Rinpochoe sealed treasures all over the place, the site is environmentally vibrant with lush green forest. I feel the place can be one of the natural treasures for people of Wangduephodrang as it is spiritually wakening with lots of natural beauties.

2. Heybesa Sacred Site

Three years ago, I visited the site after hearing about its uniqueness. The place is almost one hour walk above Punatsangchu project I. It is a place with many wonders beside its sacredness. You will see many amazing spiritual facts like the picture of Guru Rinpoche and Buddha from that big rock. Environmentally, the place is serene filled with tranquility. The diverse ecosystem with intact forest is another reason for maintain its sacredness. It is a place one must visit to see the picture of Buddha and Guru Rinpoche. The forest and rocks of that place has a value to change the mind and do away with all the defilement. 

3. Buddha Face Rock

When I was a student at Bajothang Higher Secondary school, there were discussion going in social media and BBS about the striking characteristics of that Buddha face statue. Passudiary has detailed about its uniqueness in his blog. The place was taken care and guarded with flags becoming it one social fence of protection. Showing striking resemblance of buddha face, the rock is not only the spiritual call to be the devotees of buddhism but also the environment reminder to protect and say not all rocks to be exploited and extracted. In the modern era when development is on the peak, when wants dominates over needs everything becomes economically valuable and nothing is left without exploitation. As a conservationist, I feel it has become a social fence to believe environment as guardian of the mother earth. If you haven’t seen the site, it is located just above the serene flow of Punatsagchu and below the iconic wangduephodrang dzong (under construction).

Buddha Face Statue at Wangduephodrang

4. Tandin Lhakhang: (Tandin Sungoem)

I know there are many lhakhangs and Goenpas in Wangduephodrang with their striking characteristics and historical significance. Most of them are familiar to many people as its value has been in their notice. However, there are still many in Wangduephodrang which is little explored and one of them is Tandin Lhakhang. Located in Nahi geog at Yoesho Om village, the name of Lhakhang came in to existence with its main protector “Tandin” which is said to be the most popular statue in times of Lama Drukpa Kinley. People of the valley call it as “Tandin Sungem”. According to the description of older village folks, Lama Drukpa Kinley in his Buddhist adventure happen to be in that Lhakhang and in that period, he had conversation with the statue. Since then, the statue got its name as Tandin Sungem (the talking statue). Environmentally, Tandin Lhakhang beside of its serenity is attached with many amazing characteristics. As a saying in dzongkhag “Kee Na Namkhai Ja Yang Khor”, the place is often found surrounded by birds and wild animals. The beauty is there isn’t much human wildlife conflict like in other places. Therefore, I encourage you to visit and pray for your benefit in that Lhakhang.

Tandin Lhakhang at Yoesho Om in Nahi

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