An Enchanting Fantasy Land of Amai Ney: Place where Dzogchen Master attained rainbow body

I was very skeptic about the site ever since it echoed as the sacred site in southern Bhutan. I have been considering the village as one of the defiled place in Bhutan. Never did I once think of its origin or an ancestral linkage. My third visit was in fact driven by the short description Ajab Sonam Tobgay made on the live show “Drinchen Phamay Sungkay”. Since then, I tried to explore the site with the visitors and local people. Aesthetically located in the mid forest near Jimechu river, the site is one of the natural wonder I have ever seen. 

Even during the mid-day, you can beautifully see the glorious sunbeams of winter with dancing waves of Jiemchu. The stream, Jimechu is just like the elixir which remain so clean and fresh. I am just overwhelmed by the way nature welcome its visitor to the site.

Beauty of its wonders at Amay Ney

Before I start the description, I would like to give short direction for the new visitors or those who like to have the overview of the site. Form Lhamozingkha town, you just have to travelled 19 km following the new Dagana highway.  You will be also welcomed by the natural saltlicks upon reaching at Raidak. Upon arriving at Devitar, you have to right turn and follow the farm road which will take you to the very site. It’s the entry gate for those who wishes to explore the site.

Jimechu: The clean River

For long as a conservationist I have tried to explore the beauty of nature and equally learn the importance of nature conservation. I have visited and revisited those sites which hold special significance and shared views on its beauty. Likewise, the visit to Amay Ney near Jimechu river was no exception.

Do you see Dungkar, Dorji and Pagsam Jenshing

Besides its spectacular scenic beauty, I was thrilled to see cohesive blend of spiritual and environmental significance. The site though existed form an ancestral time which is said to be older than 40,000 years old has remained so clean. People have started to worship the site and started their devotion with prayers in every visit. The number is on rise as its beauty started to resonate daily.

Entry gate to the wonder: Don’t miss the hole

For environmentalist, it is a perfect prove to see the importance of trees and vegetation for water source. You will just see the beautiful water fountain from the cave and water droplets oozing from the diamond and nipple shape stones.

Water droplets oozing from the formation

The significance of the site dates back to early century before the times of Lord Buddha and Guru Rinpochoe. According to the insight by Ajab Sonam Tobgay, it is one of the place where Buddhism started its seed in Bhutan. The liberating place where Zogchen Master Rigzin Garab Dorji attained rainbow body.

The cave of mediation

Though I haven’t seen the document of the site, it is now well taken care by the visitors. People from all walks of life and distance visit the site for devotion and prayer. Some travel all the way from Sikkim, especially monks for the liberating prayers. Today, it is some of the prayer offering sites for the Throema practitioners in Bhutan.

( Role of trees and vegetation for water Source)

For those who have devotion, I encourage you to have the visit. It is not only an entry gate for spiritual wakening but also a fountain for becoming youthful. In my three times of visit, I never forgot to see it beauty, drink its clean water (drupchu) which is just like the elixir of longevity. The environment is so virgin protected by lusty green vegetation and giant rocks. it is a place you must not miss to visit

Drupchu form the Rock
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  1. Well written sir. I love your information. However, place seem to be so sacred and hope through your write up many more will know and visit. May ypu gain great merits of sharing such sacred site information.

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