About Us

                              Mr. Tashi Phuntsho

He is admin of the blog Bhutan Forest. He created the blog out of his passion to advocate the concerns and message of environment and forest. He is also a passionate photographer who loves to explore biodiversity and wildlife. He manage the group “Beauty of Nature” and run a page” Bhutan Forest” in Facebook. He started his writing passion in 2016 as a simple blogger. He aspire to reach and educate people in importance of environment, biodiversity and wildlife. Currently, he serve as Ranger in Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary.

                                         Mr. Karna Bdr. Kharka

He is a ranger at Dagana Territorial Division in Bhutan. Being a true conservationist he also aspire to help people understand the uniqueness and importance of forest and nature. He contribute the articles related to environment and wildlife and help to share the concerns of environment together.