Deadly Venomous Banded Krait and its Reaction: First Aid and Solution

In the evening of 31st May, I had a visitor in my house in fact an intruder whose presence is afraid by every being even the most dominant human being. “Kill it …kill it”, it’s so dangerous is the only word I heard from the people in my house. I said, “no we can’t do that, we are human and that is a tiny creature there will be a solution”.  I let the environment to get cool where no one is apprehensive of its presence. Deep inside me, I only know the rate of my heartbeat. Seeing the creature which killed bullock in 20 minutes is in fact the most fearsome encounter in my life. I quickly got my camera and capture multiple pictures of it. I have seen how herpetologist or “snake man” in lay man handling snakes. I got a long bamboo and played with the creature to let it get tired. In the beginning I saw it was so arrogant creeping, then trying a defensive position. Suddenly, it got tired surrendered like an energy less soldier. Its then, I capture the pictures which feel is worthy to share with my readers.

  1. Finding for Entry:
Finding for Entry into the House

The snake knew my presence and could not trespass through my Varanda. My small varanda saved my life otherwise I could have mistakenly stepped on it. You could see that well-guarded snake in defensive position finding a way to enter in my house. Can you imagine the consequences if I had mistakenly stepped on it? Well, I am told by the book of Indian Reptiles and Amphibians that even the bullock after its bite survived only for 20 minutes. Luck was on my side; I am not only safe but also present to share my stories with you.     

2. Its Frustrated Reply:

I got a long bamboo stick not to hit on it but to take outside my home. It was so reactive that I could see its sharp tongue trying for us. I have seen how herpetologist handle snakes. I tried with local materials to control the scene specially to get it tired. Before, I get it completely tired, it reacted promptly with every move I made. The pictures on the stick is so wild that it’s so frustrated and hungry to strike if it ever gets the opportunity. You can see how it can erect well to the air in the second picture. After playing with it for few minutes it surrendered to me on ground.

Frustrated Reply

3. Free Styles with Bamboo stick:

Frankly, I did not handle snakes before. In fact, I was afraid even to take its pictures. I let my local man to get hold of stick so that I could get its best shots of pictures.  I captured many photographs exhibiting its free styles. The first observation was winding like a thread around the stick when it has enough energy to challenge the challenger like a boneless creature. It can also tie like a knot around its body, exhibit number 8 like shapes and like a hanging parasitic trees or threads as shown below. 

4. Beauty with its Tail

It could exhibit its talent with the tail too. The spiral binding around the body when lifted is another beauty recorded in my camera. The snake is characterized with a short tail and blunt tail with finger like tip. It is another distinction that we can make from the Yellow-banded wolf snake.

5. Surrender

When its finally tired, it surrenders like a defeated soldier in the battle. Its aggressiveness fades away with complete retreat on the ground. It only creep or stay idle on the round trying to defend itself. As you can see in the picture below, the snake seems to be tired and shows protecting of its body part and looking towards me as if it’s ready to bite if I hit it.

6. About Banded Krait and First Aid Measures

Well, I have shared my experiences on the encounter of banded krait in my house. I feel it’s important to share some useful information about it. Though am not herpetologist, whatever am sharing of it is a review of literature and it is only for those who are really interested to know. Banded Krait scientifically known as Bungarus fasciatus is a least concern species in International Union of Conservation and Nature (IUCN) status. According to the book of Indian Reptiles and Amphibians by J.C. Daniel, the species can be identified easily through its alternate black and yellow cross bands, triangular body cross section, and short and blunt tail. The species is dangeroius during night than the day. They are said to be nocturnal, shy and is not typically seen. The book also explains that it feeds on the snake which are nine in numbers, the head of the of snake is swallowed first after the venom has been injected and made inactive. The venom of the species is usually neurotoxin which means it has direct affects to the nerves. According to Davidson, the effect of species includes vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and dizziness. It can also lead to respiratory failure and death due to suffocation. If ever, there is a bite form the krait here is the first aid measures suggested by Davidson and Terence titled “IMMEDIATE FIRST AID for bites by Kraits”

Banded Krait
  1. Make sure the danger or snake is out of site so that further injury doesn’t happen
  2. Immediately call for transportation
  3. Keep the victim calm and avoid movement as much as possible.
  4. Immediately wrap a large crepe bandage around the bitten limb starting the site of bite. The bandage should be as tight as one might bind a sprained ankle.
  5. Do not remove the bandage until the victim reached to hospital or antivenom is receiving and make sure the bitten limb is rigid or unmoving.
  6. Do Not cut the bite site
  7. Do Not apply ice to bite site

What if am bitten by it? How effect would have been the first aid?

Well, I would have been in control of number 1 because am sure the locality would have either killed or thrown out if there were such incidences. It would not have second chance to get others bitten. I would have call for transportation too but it contradicts the aid number 3 which states to keep victim calm. The road here ply only Bolero and Bike, the bumping would have killed me. Even if I managed till Hordung suspension bridge, I wonder how I would have travelled since suspension bridge doesn’t allow vehicle except a bike. I would have been tight with banded but I wonder whether aid number 5 is fulfilled. Is there antivenom of Kraits in Bhutan? Thank god there isn’t such incidences happened in that night.

How Would I have Traveled?

Messages to People and Rangers

I urge people to be extra cautious because such incidences are unpredictable. Make proper movements during night with torches and make sure the path is clear. I know many rangers in the south encounter such creatures during their field trip. I know the ambush ground reality and thick jungle. Often times we are careless that we don’t even have bandage in our pocket. We are always filled with positive or bright hopes. I feel it is necessary that we have to carry important first aids during our trip. It is only going to safe us or will give enough time to keep our last word if we are really going to die.

Be Careful of Snakes

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