Saluting a Ranger who lost his Eye in the line of service

There are incidences in the south where Rangers being in ambush, the nightmares which ache the hearts of their beloved ones. There are incidences of rangers not being able to meet their family after the patrolling. Rangers death in inventory falling from cliff, loss of lives in high altitude areas and there are situations where rangers are narrowly viewed as only enforcer who is the hindrance of people. Dear people, I must clarify that the job rangers perform is in fact the most challenging one. We do not live under a shade with chilling air fan in hot sunny days, we do not warm with heater in cozy room when beaten with incessant rainfall in patrolling. Before you proudly say, Bhutan is the environmental champion with more than 70% forest coverage, 25 white-bellied herons, increase in tiger population and before you make any statistical presentation with facts and figures, did you realize how much rangers sacrifice their time and luxury. Your pride is the hard work of rangers.

I salute all rangers who lost their lives and are being differently abled with partial happiness while serving. I salute all rangers who are committed and patriotic to bring pride to the nation with utmost and heartfelt dedication. Above all, today I salute my companion and colleague who is the hero ever since 2003 when our country is running in turmoil. Mr. Richen is emotionally strong person who never gives up easily. His vibrant energy while serving is exemplary which I feel we must follow. In 2017, while attending a duty at Farm Machinery Cooperation Limited he accidentally lost his left eye. It ached his heart when fire cracker incidentally blasts in air and damage his eye. As a companion, I have seen the pain he faced during the situation and if I were him, I could have been completely broken without any energy. But the story is otherwise for him. Being an ex-army personal who served the country even in the most difficult situation, he never remained hopeless all his life. He was so strong and so bold that he has right eye to look after his family and serve the nation. I consider him as the strong living hero because he never let himself down and does everything that we do in serving. And today on this auspicious occasion in the history of rangers I salute him for his bravery and strength while serving the nation.

Moreover, on this auspicious day I would like to share my note with the rangers of Bhutan.


We have traveled long, sweat blood in the training and faced many obstacles in our journey. We have seen many self-oriented people breaching rules and regulations. We are liked less by people including farmers, contractors and officials. But as a green warrior we have maintained our self-esteem with much dedication and patriotism. Just like our dress code is outshining other military dresses, our department’s goals are getting fulfilled under the direction of good leaders. For long foresters have been neglected and helped less by the society. Moreover, in many places we see and hear many social feedback, comments, mistreats and unethical reactions by the society. Yet, we remained centered in achieving our vision and mandates.

Friends, we are the only guardians who hold valued pride in the country. We are the guardian of country’s most important asset the “Forest”. We are doctors to injured wildlife. In times of forest road construction, we are engineers. In court we are lawyers defending our rules, regulations and act. Sometimes we are teachers teaching society right and wrong. We make advocacies as media, we are army in patrolling. We are the so called “Jack of All”. The “Jack” who provide clean water to drink, fresh air to breath and aesthetic beauty to witness.

Today from the core of my heart, I salute all rangers/foresters who have serve tirelessly in guarding natural resources. I pay my respect to all those who have lost their lives in duty and to those who are serving today, I join in celebrating and wish “Happy World Rangers Day”. Today marked an unprecedented occasion in our life as we the green warriors are given a day to hold pride with their career. The most empowering and encouraging move which must be remembered all the time.

                                               HAPPY RANGERS’ DAY

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